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What are you here for?

We are here to make your seminar, workshop, offsite a success.
We give you the confidence of a well-run event, so you can be fully present.

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You want to partner with a facilitator who is skilled to help you deliver a great Business Workshop.
We help you to stay focused, so you can participate without needing to run your workshop at the same time.

1 - Run Your Business Workshop with a Skilled Facilitator

Don’t spread yourself thin.

If you run a workshop or seminar AND participate in it, you will do neither well.

Let us give you peace of mind, so you can focus.

No one can at the same time run a workshop and be in it.

When you get us as a trained facilitator for your Workshop, Offsite or Seminar, you get the peace of mind that you can focus fully on the attendants and topic at hand. As your facilitator, will make sure that we stay on track towards accomplishing your agenda. We partner with you during preparation, execution and follow-up. Your agenda is important. Don’t risk it by spreading yourself thin.

Who is this for?

Are you a Leader who wants to run a crucial business workshop, seminar or offsite? Have you tried running workshops in the past and realised that this dual role prevents you from being fully present with your team and agenda? You want to have the assurance that the workshop is run well AND that you can participate fully. You recognise that these are two different roles.  

2 - Get Maik as a Speaker to inspire your Audience

Get new Ideas.

Get Inspired.

Move on with Excitement.

Topic 1: Teach your Leaders the Core Skills they wished they had 20 years ago.

Leaders think they coach, but most of the can’t. We have seen one pattern over the past years training hundreds of Leaders in basic Coaching skills: They come to us after the training and admit: ‘I realised today, that I have never coached before. And I have been leading people for 20 years. I wished I had this training at the beginning of my career’. This talk will share insights and actionable advise on how organisations can build this crucial skill early in the Leaders’ careers with minimum effort.

Topic 2: Strengths-based Leadership gives an edge to teams in the 21st century.

When Leaders ignore their team members and give them very little feedback, their team’s disengagement is sky-high. Giving weakness-based feedback is only marginally better. When Leaders want to build positive engagement and natural productivity based on talents, they must adopt a strengths-based approach. This thinking will let them leave behind old ‘wisdoms’. This talk shares insight how a Strengths-based approach is a great way to harvest cognitive diversity in teams and how it is NOT a tool to hire, but to develop people. It will point to the 5 rules that Leaders must observe if they want to build a strengths-based culture.


Topic 3: Make your Ideas Count. Pitch and Influence with Empathy.

In today’s business world, we have to constantly influence others without authority over them. We have sincere intentions to bring others onboard; yet our pitches fall flat. In this inspiring and practical talk, we share how Executives and Leaders will have a much greater impact in building alliances and rapport when founding their approach on empathy and neuroscience principles. One example is the necessity to build an emotional ‘hook’ early in the conversation with someone.

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