LEVEL UP up Your Team

Turn Your Leaders into Leader Coaches.

Build Strengths-Based Teams.


What are you here for?

We help your Leaders become skilled Leader Coaches.
It gives them an amazing tool to access ideas and make better decisions.




Leadership and great work often feels like a lonely affair. It does not have to be.
Too many Leaders still believe they have to firefight and direct most of the time. There is a better way.
Bring your Team of Leaders and Executives together by developing their Coaching muscles.

1 - Turn Leaders into Leader Coaches

Develop your Leaders.

Learn Life-Long Core Skills.

Solve Actual Business Problems.

Do you still jump in and solve for your Team Members?

In many organisations, Leaders feel like firefighters who have to jump in and save the day all too often. They are used to directing, advising, training, mentoring and solving for their team members when needed. All these styles are working well in the short run, but create a dependent Leader – Team Member relationship.

There is a surprising skill that prevents Leaders from helping their teams become more autonomous: it is their ability to Coach. Coaching means that leaders possess the skill to help others without advising or mentoring them. It is a skill that needs to be learned.

What is the impact of this program?

Through the program, Leaders learn the mindset and skills it takes to coach their team members for long-term performance and growth.

They will go away with concrete practical experience on using different coaching techniques in real-life situations and contexts.

Participants have the opportunity to introduce and apply coaching in their own teams with the help and support of program peers and leaders.


How is this program different?

Leader as a Coach is created as a program for real-life application. We work with you to achieve impacts on Level 3 and 4 of the Kirkpatrick training effectiveness scale. This means our program is only successful if we achieve measurable behaviour change and business results.

To achieve this, The Workshop prepares participants to transfer their learning to the real world. Day 2 of the workshop is entirely about powerful skill practice.
The Online Application Journey is an essential part of the program. It supports participants to integrate their skills at work and beyond. We use latest Zoom Breakout-Room technology to create an immersive and fun experience. Individual Coaching helps participants translate learnings to their work on individual level.

2 - Build Strengths-Based Teams


What is this course about?

This course takes participants on a journey from awareness to insight to application. Learns will take the well-known CliftonStrengths assessment. The 4h/8h workshops are designed to help teams understand each other better on an individual, partnership, group and team level. It is a powerful team intervention to set a positive direction!

3 - Mastering Leadership Styles



What is this course about?

Leadership Styles is our landmark course since 2016 that delivers outstanding awareness and application for Leaders who want to learn how to flex their style depending on their team members’ development level and the given situation. Leaders will go on a journey of self-awareness. They learn about their most comfortable style and get the chance to apply it in fun role plays. The 8h version of the program also offers a deep-dive into applicable power coaching skills learning.

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