Are you
the traditional, numbing, top-down style of Leading?
Are you
what is possible if you could lead like a Great Coach?
Are you
of becoming the Leader that YOU would also look up to?
Are you
to build yourself a name as a Skilled Coach in your Organisation?
Are you
to open that next chapter in your career as a People Leader?
Are you
to help your team members access all their greatest ideas?

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Welcome to the IntelliCoach Leader Academy Program!

Approved by ICF

International Coaching Federation

(ACSTH Program designed to meet the Level 1 Standard)


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Our programs are delivered in ENGLISH language only.

SCHEDULE for 2023: March – Nov

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Our Vision


Program Design

The IntelliCoach Leader Academy Program consists of 2 programs: CORE and PRO.

CORE establishes the foundations. PRO delivers confidence.
Both courses together deliver more than 65 hours of professional coach education.



IntelliCoach CORE lasts 12 weeks and gives you strong foundations in coaching skills that you can immediately apply at work and beyond. You will be able to lift your conversations with all types of stakeholders to new levels!


  1. STARTING STRONG – The COACHING MINDSET: Accerating into our exciting program!
  2. SITUATIONAL COACHING: Learn when a coaching approach is most and least beneficial.
  3. FROM EXPERT TO COACH: Learning how to help others through the pure power of inquiry.
  4. PRACTICE LAB 1: Applying our Learning in real, observed conversation with powerful feedback
  5. FORGING STRONG AGREEMENTS: Learn to structure conversations like a professional coach.
  6. PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY: Learn Micro-Techniques how to establish trust and safety.
  7. EXECUTIVE PRESENCE: Deliver a crisp, focused style of communication to deliver your message.
  8. PRACTICE LAB 2: Practice skills and learn to establish strong presence.
  9. LISTENING ACTIVELY: Learn a radically new way of listening for desires and accountability.
  10. SHARING FEEDBACK: Deliver neutral, behavior-based observations.
  11. MAGNETIC COMMITMENTS: Learn to help others develop self-owned accountability.
  12. PRACTICE LAB 3 + CLOSURE: Bringing our learned techniques to live and closing strong!

CORE covers 12 sessions (2h each over 12 weeks) of professional-level coach training aligned to the ICF Coaching Core Competencies. While CORE delivers strong skills, it does not give you the qualification to apply for an ICF credential. If you wish to obtain mastery in these skills and get an ICF ACC credential, please we recommend you continue your education with IntelliCoach PRO below.



IntelliCoach PRO lasts 16 weeks and gives you deep understanding in ICF Coaching Core Competencies. Your learn precise, measurable conversation techniques that increase your impact. You learn to coach and to use coaching skills with confidence.


  1. THE SITUATIONAL LEADER: Making intentional choices about your way to lead..coaching and more!
  2. THE COACHING MINDSET: Develop a non-judgmental, flexible mindset that empowers.
  3. PRACTICE LAB 1: Observed coaching conversations for rapid learning and growth.
  4. ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN AGREEMENTS: Set, agree and follow sharp, collaborative goals.
  5. PRACTICE LAB 2: Observed coaching conversations.
  6. CULTIVATING TRUST & SAFETY: Applying techniques to establish trust fast and sustainably.
  7. PRACTICE LAB 3: Observed coaching conversations.
  8. MAINTAINING PRESENCE: Establish powerful presence that rapidly builds relationship depth.
  9. PRACTICE LAB 4: Observed coaching conversations.
  10. LISTENING ACTIVELY: Understand what truly matters to co-create solutions fast.
  11. PRACTICE LAB 5: Observed coaching conversations.
  12. EVOKING AWARENESS: Help others generate powerful resources to self-motivated growth.
  13. PRACTICE LAB 6: Observed coaching conversations.
  14. FACILITATING GROWTH: Inspiring self-owned accountability and confident forward motion.
  15. PRACTICE LAB 7: Observed coaching conversations.
  16. PRACTICE LAB 8 + CLOSURE: Observed coaching conversations.

PRO covers 16 sessions of 2h of professional-level coach training. Participants learn the critical skills and get the direct feedback needed to perform coaching at ICF ACC level. It includes 10h of required mentor coaching and a formal assessment of coaching skills. Participants who complete the course are eligible to apply with the ICF for an ACC credential.


The IntelliCoach Leader Academy Program is approved by ICF as an ACSTH program designed to meet Level 1 Standards


International Coaching Federation

Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)


Our Next Cohort starts in March 2023!

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Our Coaching Skills Development course is modular. All participants start with the 12 weeks-long CORE course which establishes a strong foundation of powerful coaching skills that immediatly impact communication performance. Once completed, participants can join the PRO course a few months later to expand their skill and confidence to professional level. The PRO course lasts 16 weeks and delivers strong coaching core competency training and an exceptional degree of skill practice. Participants will achieve a skill level that allows them to apply for an official ICF ACC credential. IntelliCoach PRO participants can also take advantage of the optional MAX upgrade to accelerate growth and success through a personalised learning journey, including the state-of-the-art EQI-2.0 assessment.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: We offer early bird pricing (15% off) until end of January 2023. Please approach us!


IntelliCoach CORE

Standalone Price for CORE

USD 2,500

IntelliCoach CORE is designed for Leaders who want to learn a powerful set of Professional-level coaching skills to improve their stakeholder conversations, and dramatically increase their listening and communication clarity and impact.

CORE is a prerequisite to the PRO Course.

What you get:

  • Rapid Cohort-based Learning
  • 12 weeks of professional coach training (2h per week via zoom)
  • 3 dedicated practice labs for application practice and skill observations
  • Online Learning System Platform
  • A safe, nurturing, challenging learning environment
  • Professional feedback on your communciation style
  • Become IntelliCoach CORE Certified


IntelliCoach PRO

Price for PRO (includes CORE)

USD 5,000

IntelliCoach PRO builds on CORE and equips you with all the skills you need to deliver powerful, professional coaching conversations at work and beyond. You learn the full breadth of ICF Coaching Competencies and apply them in your Leader Context.

What you get:

  • Everything in CORE (it’s required) plus…
  • Comprehensive, exciting Cohort Learning
  • 16 weeks of professional coach competency training (2h per week)
  • 8 dedicated practice labs for immediate application and learning transfer.
  • Precise feedback on your strengths and developmental areas
  • ICF Knowledge Test Preparation
  • Full 10h of Mentor Coaching
  • Become IntelliCoach PRO Certified
  • Ready to get ICF ACC Certified!


Note: The Standalone Price for PRO is
USD 3,500. This applies if you complete CORE only, then choose to upgrade to PRO.


IntelliCoach MAX

Price for MAX (Includes PRO)

USD 6,000

The MAX Package gives you access to additional powerful resources to accelerate your growth as a Leader Coach. We will amplify your skills with a solid EQI-2.0 assessment and include 4x1h individual Leadership Coaching Sessions.

What you get:

  • Personalised Learning Journey
  • 5h of 1-1 Leadership Coaching + Training
  • EQI-2.0 Assessment and Debrief

IntelliCoach MAX is an optional upgrade to IntelliCoach PRO. The standalone price of USD 1,500 applies if you complete PRO only, then choose to upgrade to MAX.

Are you curious to find out more?

To help you make your decision easier, we will give you full access to the entire first module of our comprehensive online course material. You will also get a chance to meet our mentor coach(es) to find out whether the program is right for you.

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