Current Schedule (+ Google Calendar Setup)

ILAP 2021 July Run – Schedule

We strongly recommend that you invest 5-10 minutes to subscribe to the ILAP Program Google Calendar. This will automatically add all ILAP sessions to your google account and you are always up-to-date. Note, this can be undone easily without any trace.


20210323: Published updated schedule set for ILAP July 2021 Cohort Schedule (removed April schedule)

20210214: Published first official version of the ILAP April 2021 Cohort Schedule

Schedule of Events (PDF Files)

You can find the schedule of lessons at this link:

We recommend that you bookmark it, as it will remain as a permanent link throughout the course.

Google Calendar Setup

Add the Program Google Calendar to stay up-to-date

In addition to the files, we strongly recommend that you add the program google calendar to your own google account.

What is the advantage? With this solution, there is no need for you to manually enter any information into your calendars. Changes will also automatically reflect.

Once you click the link below at step 2, a popup will appear, asking you to confirm to add another shared calendar to your existing Google account (google allows you to have multiple calendars). It will appear and can be managed separately; it will not interfere with your current work/personal calendar.


1) Open a browser on your PC or MAC and log into the Google account that you want to use.

2) Copy the link below and paste it into the browser with the correct google account.

3) Accept the popup to add a new calendar to your account.

4) You will see the Program Calendar showing up on the left under ‘Other Calendars’. You should now have all your program events on your calendar! Look in the correct months. Note: the pictures below are for illustration only. Your own google calendar view might look different.

Please note that we plan to add Zoom Details for events typically on the same day of the event only

5) We recommend that you update/set up general calendar reminders for this calendar, so you are notified about an upcoming event.

Hover over the calendar and click on the three dots next to it, then click on settings.

Then create a general event notification:

6) How do I set up the Google Calendar on my devices?

The first thing you have to do is to enable the shared calendar to be synced to devices. You do this by going to the link below and ticking the checkmark next to the ILAP shared calendar.

Go to this link and tick the box.

Once done, you can proceed to enable the calendar on your own device, for example:

Outlook for PC:

Outlook for Mac:

Adding Google Calendar to iPhone:

For the case of iPhone (as I have own experience):

1. Add the google account to your iPhone (settings > passwords & accounts)

2. open the standard apple calendar app. At the bottom fo the main screen, tap on ‘Calendars’. Scroll down until you see your google account. You should be able to tick the ILAP calendar there. I personally experienced that it might take 5 minutes to pop up and appear on your phone.

Sync Google Calendar with an android phone:

Schedule Files for Reference