The Power of Coaching with the Hour Glass model (Podcast #57)
Maik Frank

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In this episode, I share my view on one of the most frequent questions I get: “What coaching model do you prefer? And which one do you teach?” I explain the hour-glass model and why I rely on it entirely until very far into my professional coaching course development program.

The hour-glass model is less of a detailed coaching model but describes a fundamental concept. When we imagine an hour-glass, we picture the shape of an object which alternates between ‘wide‘ and ‘narrow‘. In that sense, it becomes a metaphor for a typical coaching conversation.

Wide‘: We expand on significance and meaning with our client and discover together. It is when we explore.

Narrow‘: We contract, summarise, headline, clarify to condense meaning, arrive at conclusions and awareness.

It is this intentional mix and alternating shift between expanding and narrowing that is so typical in a good coaching conversation.


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A few words about Maik

Maik is on a mission to give world-class coaching skills to every People Leader. He is a seasoned PCC Executive Coach, experienced online/offline Program Facilitator and founder of, based in Singapore. He has a background in technology and governance and over 15 years of work experience in the mining, tech and coaching industry as a Specialist, People Leader and Coach. Maik has coached and trained more than 400 People Leaders to level up their communication impact and become more coach-like with their stakeholders. Why? The ability to help others without giving advice right away is still rare to be found. However, it is key to (1) building self-reliant, empowered teams and to (2) sustaining trusting and fast relationships with stakeholders in general.

Maik stands out by offering guaranteed measurable growth to his clients. He speeds up his their progress with an exciting mix of self-discovery, laser-sharp mental models, relevant skill practice and creative use of online technology. Maik also hosts the Coaching Leader Podcast (search for Intellicoach) to give Leaders anywhere in the world easy access to simple yet powerful coaching tools.

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