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OUR VISION: Every People Leader has the skills to coach.

OUR MISSION: We Develop World-Class Leader Coaches.


Most Leaders spend 70-90% of their time in conversations.

Focused Improvement in this area has wide impact.

Employees want their Leaders to be great Coaches!*

Most Leaders do not coach! They mentor, advise, direct.**


We activate sharp Executive Coaching Skills in Leaders.

Conversations become tools for Performance and Growth.


We build on the recognized ICF Competency Framework.***

Our Programs are short, deep and application-focused.

We help Leaders build new, lasting mindsets and behaviours.

Who is MAIK?


1. I coach Leaders

2. I help Leaders become great Leader Coaches


Below is how you will experience me using my Clifton StrengthsFinder themes when I work with you.


I will naturally draw out people to grow their awareness and performance.

Learning excites me. The world is an ever-expanding puzzle.


I go deep in everything I do. I meticulously prepare.

‘Thinking Ahead’ makes me give people space to be creative in the moment.


I love finding out what quality means to others.

I naturally see and cater to the individuals’ needs in a group.


I naturally see what needs to be done to create great impact.

I love helping people see their potential. I simply can’t stop at good.


This theme fuels my resourcefulness. I collect mental models.

I love connecting Technology and Coaching to create amazing experiences.

Some Recent Feedback on Maik

Recent feedback from Senior Leaders (2018/19):

“Really enjoyed participating in the workshop with Maik. Very personable, knowledgeable and competent person, with the right level of humour.”

“Maik is a wonderful trainer. Calm, composed, very to the point, full of great, applicable examples.”

“Really enjoyed our facilitator Maik. He had a very senior group of leaders from APAC with many different viewpoints, and he was always open to listening and helping move the conversation forward.”

More: www.linkedin.com/in/coachmaik 


Every Relationship begins with a single conversation. We want to get to know you.
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